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Five questions with Vikings LB Chad Greenway

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By Eric Edholm

This week, PFW spends a few minutes with Vikings LB Chad Greenway to talk about his excellent play, the vibe in the locker room and digging out of the hole they are in.

PFW: First of all, is this the best you have played to date?
CG: Yeah, I am up there. You always want to get better and better. My goal is to be as consistent as possible. I feel like I am doing that. And so that's why I feel like I am playing close to my best.

PFW: Does each loss from here on out get tougher considering you guys have to dig out of a little hole?
CG: Well, they are definitely compounding. It's one of those things where you say every week, 'OK, we have got to get going now. We have to start getting some wins put together.' Just like when we came off the Dallas (win), we said, 'OK, now have to put two together. Getting two, three (in a row) will get us some confidence.' We just weren't able to do it. You just try to look at yourself and ask yourself what you can do. Then hopefully everybody does that and it's good for the team as a whole.
But it's hard to get out of a rut sometimes. Hopefully, we can go out on the road and play well this week. It's ours to win or lose. But we have to start playing better if that's going to happen.
PFW: And yet, are you reminding yourself that you are still in the division race? You have to keep it in some perspective, right?
CG: Yeah, fortunately, we have been put in a position where we're actually OK, surprisingly. We're not necessarily in prime position here, but it's not like it's something we can't get ourselves out of. We certainly have enough division games left, enough games against NFC teams, to give us some help. But you got to start now. There are enough games left to do it. But you have to turn it around, no time to waste.
PFW: Has there been a change to the locker room from last year? Are you having as much fun as last season, when you guys seemed like a really loose bunch?

CG: Well, I can't say that we are as loose as we were last year. Obviously, the confidence is not where it needs to be. We need to gain confidence and you do that by playing well and winning. I'd be lying if I told you that we had the same confidence we did last year. We have to gain that; we know that we have the experienced players, the talent and the team to win. But that isn't good enough. You can't just roll your helmet out and say, 'Here we are, we got this one.' You got to go out and do it.
PFW: You are in your final year of your contract. Brett Favre is, too. Pat Williams could retire. Other guys are in their ninth, 10th years. Are you looking at this like, 'OK, we have 10 games to prove ourselves before this window closes completely?'
CG: It isn't (like that). I don't think that we can get to the point where we are constantly thinking that way. We can't put that much on ourselves. That's just going to make it worse. We want to go out and have fun with the game. It's a business, and it's our jobs, but the biggest thing is if we go out there and have fun and play loose, we will be better. We just have to focus on that.

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