Haynesworth: Not a good fit in 3-4

Posted Oct. 28, 2010 @ 3:41 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

Albert Haynesworth said prior to the Week Eight game against the Lions what many had thought all along: "I'm not good enough to play the 3-4." Still, it's surprising to hear Haynesworth actually say this, much less a week after perhaps his best game — on a per-snap basis, anyway — as a Redskin. Why? Because Haynesworth was not stuck at the "Okie," or 3-4 NT position. Instead, the defensive coaches put him on the end at times and between the center and guard, doing what he does and always has done best: penetrating upfield. In the 3-4, linemen are asked to move laterally more, holding two gaps for run penetration, and it's a role that doesn't suit Haynesworth well. He'll continue to come off the bench, and if Week Seven is any indication, he could be a productive part-time player. The Redskins have no plans of scrapping the 3-4, so Haynesworth's future beyond this season is in real doubt. But they might have found a way to use him best in the meanwhile.