Five questions with Patriots DL Mike Wright

Posted Oct. 28, 2010 @ 4:39 p.m.
Posted By Kevin Fishbain

For this week's "Five questions" segment, PFW spoke with Patriots DL Mike Wright. The sixth-year veteran discussed the versatility of his unit and the potential of rookie DE Brandon Deaderick.

PFW: How does it affect the defensive line when there is so much shuffling between players and positions each play?
Wright: We trust everybody. In my opinion, the great thing about our defense is the versatility that we have. We can play all the positions, and Coach takes advantage of that. It provides different looks to the offense; it works out.

PFW: How important is it for so many rookies on defense to be playing this season?
Wright: I think it's great that the rookies can step in and contribute in a way that the veterans are. It adds a lot of value to our team and it says a lot about those guys, as well. I remember as a rookie, it's hard to take everything in — there's a lot thrown at you — but they're doing a great job, and we're counting on them.

PFW: You had a big sack in Week Seven of Chargers QB Philip Rivers. Describe that play.
Wright: Myron (Pryor) was on the other side of me, and he made an inside move. The offense worked on him when he hit the A-gap and got the penetration; I just wrapped around. I didn't do anything to the center, just wrapped around (Rivers). I was fortunate for Myron's play and capitalized on it.

PFW: What's something the defense needs to improve on through six games?
Wright: As a player, you can always improve — you can never be complacent. You always have something to work on; there's not just one thing. We need to stay consistent; that's what can help us.

PFW: Who is the most unknown, underrated contributor on defense?
Wright: I'll stay with the D-line with Brandon Deaderick. He's a really good player who is strong and understands the game and his responsibilities. He has great upside and will do nothing but get better, and he wants to get better, too.