They said it: Browns Tuesday edition

Posted Oct. 26, 2010 @ 10:17 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

Here's a sampling of Browns quotes from Tuesday's media interview availability. All quotes are from transcripts provided by the club:  

Browns head coach Eric Mangini on the decision to waive RB James Davis and sign RB Thomas Clayton: "I think (Davis) was making strides both as a running back and on special teams. It's just we liked a lot of things that Thomas did. It really wasn't just a vacuum decision of James, it was James in relationship to Thomas, and we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to bring Thomas back and give him some opportunities. I think Thomas has good size, he learned the offense well, thought he had good vision. (OL coach) George Warhop had worked with him some in San Francisco and had liked the things he had done there. Talked about it with (general manager) Tom (Heckert) and decided to make that move."

Mangini on Clayton's running style: "I think he ranges anywhere from about 215 to 220. He's been as big as 225. He's another really good-sized back, physical back, strong runner, so I liked all those things about him, and now I think he fits in with the things that we're trying to do. That's in no way a knock on James; it's just more of a compliment to Thomas and what we hope he can do here for us. It's going to be important for him while he's here to carve out that role on special teams, continue to build a role on offense and we'll see where that goes."

Mangini on DL Shaun Rogers, credited with a tackle and a quarterback hit vs. the Saints and who lined up at defensive end at times: "One of the reasons for his jump in reps was we were able to use him over there in (DLE) Robaire's (Smith) spot some more. I thought he did a nice job. He's getting the reads down a little bit better, and there were a couple of plays where he played the reads really well and he made a nice play in the running game. Where I thought Shaun did an excellent job on Sunday is whether it was a three-man rush of pressure or four-man rush, he hit the quarterback three or four different times, which was great to see. My hope and expectation is that he'll continue to develop as an end because that adds depth, that adds versatility and when he's out there with (NT Ahtyba) Rubin and (DRE) Kenyon (Coleman), that's a significant front three. There's a lot of beef that you have to get through to get to the next level, which is great."

Mangini on assistant head coach/special-teams coordinator Brad Seely: "I've known him forever. My office was in between his and Rob's (Ryan), so it was kind of the two extremes there in terms of neighbors. If you took Rob and you took (offensive coordinator) Brian (Daboll) and you fused them together and added a few years, you would have Brad. He's got that meticulousness and attention to detail that Brian has, and Brian tends to be a little more on the serious side. Then he's also a really funny guy, some of the same traits that we see from Rob. I'm not saying Rob doesn't have the other positive characteristics of Brian, but you get Brad and he's the fusion between the two. He's really knowledgeable about not just special teams, but personnel, about game management. He'd be a great head coach. Typically special-teams coaches don't get that opportunity; I know it's been broken a little bit. He sees the big picture. Special-teams coaches have to see the big picture; they have to take guys from all over the place, coordinate them into one package and split very small amounts of time and make sure that it's right. He's one of the best I've ever been around."

QB Colt McCoy, on whether it would be tough to no longer start after having experienced winning: "You know what, I'm going to do what I've been doing since Day One. That's prepare every day, prepare at night, prepare when I'm watching film with my coaches and just continue to get better and act like I'm the starter. That's what has gotten me here. What a great feeling to get a win for this team, for this locker room. Just being in here, you can kind of tell that the spirits were lifted a little bit, especially going into a bye week. We are not going to slow down any. We are going out to practice; we are going to work on things we can improve on, especially when we watch film offensively. There are just little things that we certainly could have capitalized on. Small, detailed things, whether it's missing a throw here or missing a sight, missing an adjustment, there are things offensively that we can really fix. I thought the offensive line — I said it the other night — played tremendous. The offensive line played outstanding, especially for being bumped and bruised. Having Floyd (Womack) move over and play right tackle, hats off to those guys. If we continue to play like that, aggressive up front, and our defense plays well, we have got a chance to be in a lot of ballgames."