Favre needs to hit more singles, doubles

Posted Oct. 25, 2010 @ 1:21 a.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

You can understand Brett Favre wanting to hit a home run in his final at-bat — most likely — at Lambeau Field. It's the way he has played on every other field in his career, so why not go out with a bang in the stadium he made his name?

Well, if he's speaking the truth and he wants the Vikings to be contenders, Favre needs to think less about home runs and more about singles and doubles, to extend the baseball metaphor. Because right now, Favre is Dave Kingman: homer or strikeout, all or nothing.

There were hints of the old magic in the Vikings' 28-24 loss to the Packers in Week Seven, but far more signs of Favre's age. The gambles look far more risky; the hits seem to carry less weight.

Despite the heroics of Adrian Peterson (172 total yards, rushing TD), the Vikings only were going to go as far as Favre was going to take them. All you needed to do was watch his nightmare run — three picks in seven throws — to know that.

The NFC North remains up for grabs. The first-place Bears have shown they are in a slump, and despite the victory Sunday, the Packers, who are tied at the top of the division, face a brutal schedule and several injuries.

This is where Favre must dial it back a notch. He has to know he can't swing for the fences every time.