Did Brett Favre earn his money?

Posted Oct. 25, 2010 @ 6:06 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

Brett Favre earns more than $1 million per game. Did he earn it on Sunday?

The answer is no, but the difference between success and failure is about a size-10 shoe. If Percy Harvin gets his second foot down in the endzone after catching a wildly thrown Favre pass with less than a minute remaining in Sunday's loss to the Packers, we're talking about the Favre magic perhaps being alive again.

Instead, we're talking about how old he looks, his injured ankle and whether there is a fracture between quarterback and his coach.

Here's the bottom line following Favre's performance Sunday (16-of-29 passing, 212 yards, one TD, three INTs): Whether or not Harvin catches the ball, Favre is playing flawed football right now. He's taking wanton risks and hoping to make rain. Last year, Favre could do no wrong; this season, all his dice rolling has backfired. Like in Vegas, eventually, the dice catch up with you.

Head coach Brad Childress criticized Favre behind closed doors mostly last season about his risk taking, and it boiled over a few times onto the sideline. On Sunday, it played out in the press conference of a frustrated coach who pointed out that foolish interceptions and a pick-six are not going to work against a quality team such as the Packers. And he's right.

It's possible that Favre really might not play Sunday against the Patriots because of an ankle that is fractured in two spots. Surgery isn't needed, but it's possible that Favre could miss his first start in 291 consecutive regular-season games. If he does play, he'll have to raise his game to earn his million-plus game salary.