Favre once again center of attention

Posted Oct. 20, 2010 @ 6:29 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

Each Wednesday throughout the season we'll identify one player, coach or area of the Vikings that is most under the microscope. This week, QB Brett Favre is the choice.


He doesn't need the NFL looking into his cell phone usage or have the Packers on the schedule to be the focus of any given week. But with a storm brewing around Brett Favre, he once again will be the guy everyone watches this week.

Yep, it's Packers week.

It's also NFL investigation week, though it's not clear how much longer that will last.

Favre met with NFL officials on Tuesday and has no further plans to meet with them, and there are differing reports on the willingness of Jenn Sterger, who has retained legal counsel, to assist the NFL in its investigation into the text-message matter.

The media once again asked Favre about this case on Wednesday, and once more he sidestepped the questions.

"That's a league issue that I just have to leave at that," Favre said Wednesday.

So putting that aside (wouldn't that be nice, Brett?), he also has a huge game Sunday night.

The Packers have lost two in a row in overtime, and sit at 3-3. They are angry and starting to take responsibility for their lack of performance in recent games. You know, too, they're thinking about last season's two losses to the Vikings.

In both games, Favre was excellent. The Packers can't give up another big game to him. Their defenders would have trouble living that down again. Not that the Vikings' season doesn't hang in the balance, but the Packers feel plenty of pressure to win a game.

And Favre will be the target. Nothing new, as these past few weeks have proven. Although his play has improved since Randy Moss arrived, he is nowhere close to his 2009 level yet. Fans want to see some of that soon. As in this week, maybe.

It would be as good a week as any to crank it up.