Cutler insists Bears doing all they can to get Olsen involved

Posted Oct. 20, 2010 @ 5:47 p.m.
Posted By Dan Parr

Each Wednesday throughout the season we'll identify one player, coach or area of the team that is under the microscope. The week, TE Greg Olsen is the choice.

There was plenty of speculation about what TE Greg Olsen's role would be in Mike Martz's offense heading into the season. He was the subject of trade rumors as some wondered if there would be any role at all for him since Martz typically used tight ends as blockers more than receivers in the past, and Olsen's strength is in catching passes, not blocking.

But Martz insisted that he didn't have tight ends with the skill set Olsen possesses in the past and that Olsen would get to showcase his strengths.

Things started well for Olsen this season — he made 15 catches for 179 yards in the first four games, including two touchdowns through three games. He's still stuck on 15 grabs two games later, however. Since making his debut in Week Three in 2007, Olsen had never gone without a catch in two consecutive games until now.

At his press conference Wednesday, QB Jay Cutler was asked what needs to happen for Olsen to be more involved on offense.

"We've talked about all this (since) the beginning of the season," Cutler said. "It's game-by-game. (The defense is) going to take away guys; other guys need to step up. We're doing everything possible to get Greg involved. Some games he's going to be more involved than others."

Keep in mind that Olsen had just 19 catches through six games last season and ended up with 60-612-8 for the season. He could have a huge game vs. Washington. Or he could go without a catch again.

The Redskins' defense will dictate his involvement.