Packers' 60-second rant: Stop with the RB complaints

Posted Oct. 19, 2010 @ 5:37 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

If we can get through 60 seconds without another Packer suffering an injury, I'd like to bring up another subject that has remained a relatively hot topic in Packers Nation: the team's RB situation.

With the deadline expiring a few hours ago, there won't be any RB reinforcements via trade coming to the rescue this Sunday at Lambeau Field, when the Packers will have to continue getting by with the 1-2 punch being provided by Brandon Jackson and burly John Kuhn, with Ryan Grant having gone down for the count in Week One.

Right up to the wire, there were rumors that the Packers could be possibly considering a trade for the Cowboys' Tashard Choice, who has become invisible in "Big D" behind Felix Jones and Marion Barber.

I say they made the right choice deciding to sink or swim with Jackson, Kuhn and possibly rookie John Starks a bit more down the road.

Granted, the Packers do not have anything close to a bona fide No. 1 running back with Grant out of the mix. But I, for one, have been pleasantly surprised by the sum of the parts provided by Jackson and Kuhn.

Especially Jackson, who keeps getting better every week, running more downhill with an impressive initial burst. He's also displaying a real chip on his shoulder that I suspect might prove to be a real plus when he's matched up this Sunday night on prime time against one of the best backs in the business in Adrian Peterson.

The Packers have much bigger problems than their running backs, even if you disregard all their injuries, which is impossible. Aaron Rodgers has been up and down all season. Dropped passes are becoming a cause for major concern. The run defense that was so amazing last year has been below average. The special teams continue to sputter. And what's up with Charles Woodson falling down all the time and getting called for so many ill-timed penalties?

The running at the mouth directed at the team's backfield is wasted energy. Back off, I say, and just let Jackson and Kuhn strut their stuff, which if anything should be more on display than it has been up to now.