Three-and-out with Cowboys OLB Anthony Spencer

Posted Oct. 15, 2010 @ 4:16 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

Cowboys OLB Anthony Spencer, who faces the Vikings on Sunday, shares his thoughts with PFW on Vikings ORT Phil Loadholt, what Sidney Rice's absence has meant to the Vikes' offense and how to defend Brett Favre.
PFW: Vikings ORT Phil Loadholt struggled out of the gate but played pretty well Monday against the Jets. What have you seen from him on tape?
Spencer: He's a big body. He has played well from what I have seen. They do a good job of creating a pocket, blocking and knowing where the quarterback is. They also can get out on the linebackers. (Loadholt) can play with a lot of force and also move well, so it's a tough challenge. They also block well with their tight ends and backs, so it's not just one guy, either.
PFW: Offensively, has Sidney Rice not being there been the biggest difference between this Minnesota team now and when you saw them in January?
Spencer: Oh yeah, definitely. They were without their pass threat on the outside, so it really caved things in for them. You've got (Adrian) Peterson and you've got (Brett) Favre, but you have to have something else there, and that's what (Rice) gave them: speed and size outside. But it looks like (Randy) Moss will make things different now.
PFW: What's the key to beating Brett Favre? He might not be mobile, but he can throw the ball quickly at times.
Spencer: Brett is herky-jerky. He can get out of that pocket; you wouldn't think so, but he can. I think you have to have a good pass rush to get to him. You can't get too far upfield, and if you do you have to be able to track back and get your hands on him. They do a good job of (blocking) rushers wide. But if you can get on him, get your hands on him and whatnot, you can bring him down.