Five questions with Packers RB John Kuhn

Posted Oct. 14, 2010 @ 3:30 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

Every week, PFW executive editor and resident Packers expert Dan Arkush asks a different personality with links to the Packers five questions about the team. This week Dan gets inside the head of Packers RB John Kuhn.

1. With so much talk in Packers Nation about how the team should have made a bigger effort to trade for Marshawn Lynch to upgrade a ground game perceived to be a team weakness, did that put a chip on the shoulders of you and your fellow running backs?

Kuhn: We try not to read a whole lot into what the media or fans might be saying. We concentrate on keeping our heads on the practice field and in the meeting rooms and having faith in each other.

2. Talk a bit more about the special bond you have with Brandon Jackson, Dimitri Nance, Korey Hall and Quinn Johnson.

Kuhn: It's pretty cool. Most of us came up together in the same year (2007), and we all had the fact in common that a lot of people didn't really know a lot about us. Obviously, (injured) Ryan Grant had the big numbers, but we feel like together we're doing our part. None of us is greedy, and we don't take anything personal. We just want to get the job done.

3. Speaking of cool, how neat is it for you to hear the Lambeau Field faithful do the "Koooon!" chant every time you touch the ball?

Kuhn: It is pretty neat. It got started last year, and it's just something that makes me try and go out of my way to do them (the people in the stands) proud.

4. You really came through in the final drive of the game against the Lions (in Week Four), picking up key first downs to help kill the clock. Did that help your confidence?

Kuhn: We've really always been fairly confident. On that drive, the line did just a terrific job setting blocks, just like they did in practice. When people say it must have felt good to get that monkey off our backs, we never felt like we had one to begin with. We just all think we're very capable of complementing all of our incredible outside threats.

5. Talk about Packers RB coach Edgar Bennett and the job he does.

Kuhn: He is a phenomenal coach, one of the best I've ever had at any level. He does a great job preparing players. We might not like some of the things he makes us do on the practice field, but we can always be sure that we are going to know exactly what to do in every situation imaginable because of him.