They said it: Browns Tuesday edition

Posted Oct. 12, 2010 @ 7:11 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

Here's a sampling of quotes from Browns head coach Eric Mangini's Monday press conference, the transcript of which was provided by the team:

Mangini on whether the team considered sitting QB Jake Delhomme in the Week Five game vs. Atlanta so as to give him another week of rest: "No, we've really spent a lot of time on this and he'd continued to get better, he practiced more than he had prior. There were certain things we felt he could do, certain things we felt he couldn't do, and those things that he couldn't do weren't part of the plan when he went into the game. We had a specific package understanding if he went in it would be more as if something happened to Seneca, then we'd be limited to that group of things."

Mangini on the prospect of QB Colt McCoy in Week Six at Pittsburgh if Delhomme and Seneca Wallace, both of whom have ankle injuries, are unavailable: "Sometimes the opportunity knocks and if you get that opportunity, you got to be ready to seize it. He's played a lot of games, not at this level, but a lot of games in college at a very high level, and he's been in this system now for quite some time. So if hypothetically, I know this is all hypothetical, but I would expect him or (ORG) Shawn Lauvao or any of those guys that were to see first action to seize it and to capitalize on it and to play really well when they do have those chances."

Mangini on whether McCoy has received any practice reps with the first-team offense: "Yes, all those weeks that Jake wasn't practicing he would mix in with Seneca because he was the two, so he got quite a few reps during that time period."

Mangini on whether McCoy is better than he was at the beginning of the regular season: "Yes, to me that's the natural progression of things, and I think any time anybody is able to build reps and to build weeks of preparing for another opponent, I think they get better at it. There is a routine to it, there are some things that you may emphasize early in terms of your studying that you may realize 'OK, I don't need to spend as much time there I need to really focus here.' He's had that benefit of five games now of doing that, and he's a smart guy, and he works hard so both those are pluses."

Mangini on whether he had ever started a rookie quarterback before: "I think (Jets QB) Kellen (Clemens) was in his second year. I don't think I've ever been on a team that's started a rookie QB. But it will be easy, it's the Steelers right? (joking) They're coming off of a bye week and they don't blitz much." (joking)

Mangini on RB Jerome Harrison, who rushed for just six yards on six carries in Week Five vs. the Falcons, when asked why Harrison wasn't playing as well as last season: "Yesterday, I think there were runs that he could have run better, but believe me, he wasn't alone. We didn't block it well, and that was across the board. Whether it was the O-line, whether it was the backs, whether it was the receivers, they did a better job defending the run than we did running the ball. I'd like to be able to say it was just this one thing, but it wasn't. It was a group effort, and that will be the same thing when we had the success we had against Baltimore or whoever, it's a group effort. Sometimes he could have been better, could have hit the hole better, sometimes there was no hole to be hit and they did a nice job with it. It's collective. Yesterday was collective."