Falcons-Browns first-quarter notes

Posted Oct. 10, 2010 @ 1:35 p.m.
Posted By Mike Wilkening

Here's observations on the first quarter of Falcons-Browns from a Cleveland perspective:

First-quarter score: Falcons 0, Browns 0.

Postitives: The Browns' defense had the Falcons' offense out of rhythm early. The Browns' blitzes have largely worked, and QB Matt Ryan usually hasn't had much time to throw. The Browns' coverage has been strong, too. 

Negatives: Two personal-foul penalties helped move the Falcons deep into Browns territory. One was a roughing the passer call on OLB Marcus Benard, the other on DE Kenyon Coleman to move Atlanta inside the Cleveland 10-yard-line. On the play that included Benard's penalty, the Falcons beat the blitz with a quick pass to White for a first down. On offense, the Browns have not been able to get much going, and RB Peyton Hillis lost a fumble, his second turnover of the year.  

Outlook: The Browns' defense has been up to the task of slowing Atlanta's offense thus far. Now it's up to the Browns' offense to pick up its play.