Five questions with Patriots correspondent Ian Rapoport

Posted Oct. 07, 2010 @ 4:48 p.m.
Posted By Kevin Fishbain

Each week throughout the season we'll ask our Patriots correspondent and Boston Herald writer Ian Rapoport five questions about the Pats. This week, Ian reacted to the Randy Moss trade and talked about the surprising play of OLB Rob Ninkovich.

1. What was your immediate reaction to the Randy Moss trade?

Rapoport: I was caught a little off-guard. But it was known that Moss didn't think the Patriots would extend his contract. Like the Laurence Maroney trade, they could have waited for a possible compensatory pick or get something right now.

2. What did Moss say to you after the game when he got just one target?

Rapoport: He said, "It's called a gameplan." He wasn't going to have a good game with the Dolphins putting two defenders on him. The Patriots had a numeric advantage and the result was a really efficient offensive game.

3. What did you think of OLB Rob Ninkovich's game on Monday night?

Rapoport: He would be the last guy you'd expect to have a standout game. He came here after he couldn't be long snapper for the Saints — his career track is ridiculous. He works hard and is pretty tough. On those two picks, he did what he was supposed to do, and (Dolphins QB Chad) Henne made a bad read and threw it right to him.

4. Through one quarter of the season, who are your Patriots offensive and defensive MVPs?

Rapoport: I have to go with (TE) Aaron Hernandez on offense. For defense, (ILB) Jerod Mayo. He has really raised his performance the last few games.

5. Who has been the biggest surprise?

Rapoport: (CB) Kyle Arrington. I thought he would make the team for special teams and now he's a starter. He will still have to battle, but I've been impressed with his physicality and run-support from the corner position.