Favre finally gets hands on Moss

Posted Oct. 06, 2010 @ 5:50 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

Each Wednesday throughout the season we’ll identify one player, coach or area of the team that is most under the microscope. This week, QB Brett Favre is the pick.

Brett Favre wanted Randy Moss to become a Packer in 2007. Badly.

Favre probably had his eye on Moss, who briefly became a free agent in 2008, even though Favre was on the fence about returning to play football. If Packers GM Ted Thompson had acquired Moss either time, Favre might have never left. (He would be traded to the Jets later that year during the preseason.)

But now Favre — who could be sitting on a farm in Hattiesburg, Miss. right now — has landed the big fish.

Favre has to be ecstatic right now. He’s getting a fired-up and profusely talented receiver who remains in the prime of his career, and he gets him now.

There might be a few weeks of catching up where Moss must learn the ins and outs of the offense and get on the same page as Favre on route depths, audibles, etc.

But few doubt the power of a sufficiently motivated Moss and his effect on an offense. If he runs deep, the defense takes notice. Any safety that is chasing Moss won’t be up close to keep an eye on Adrian Peterson. So even if he’s not catching passes, Moss will be a positive addition.

That said, who are we kidding? The Vikings didn’t trade a third-rounder for Moss so that he would be a decoy. He’s a Viking right now to add that lethal deep element to their passing game. It just so happens that Favre likes gunning the ball downfield, and it also just so happens that he currently lacks the facilities to do so.

No longer. Favre is on the hot seat this week because he has no excuses. This team has the talent to win and win very soon.