They Said It: Patriots Tuesday edition

Posted Oct. 05, 2010 @ 4:42 p.m.
Posted By Kevin Fishbain

Here are some noteworthy quotes from Patriots players and head coach Bill Belichick following their 41-14 victory over the Dolphins on Monday night.

WR Wes Welker on OLB Rob Ninkovich's good hands: "Yeah, if we ever have injuries at receiver or tight end or need guys there, I guess we can call on Rob (laughs). He has great hands. He had a great game, and everything that was in the air he pounced on." (Source: Patriots transcript)

WR Brandon Tate on what Belichick told him at halftime: "He was just saying to go out there and make a play because when we made the first return, we'd seen that it was going to be open, so he called it and just told me to get to the outside and just run." (Source: Patriots transcript)

FS Patrick Chung on what he saw in the Dolphins' special-teams unit that gave him an opportunity to make his blocks: "That's something coach saw. I mean, we just practiced everything that happened in that game. All those blocks, and people doing their job. I give it to them. If they're not doing their job, nothing happens. So we executed. Coach drew it up, and it happened just like he did it." (Source: Patriots transcript)

Belichick on the special-teams performance on Monday night: "They were all right (laughs). it was a great effort. Those guys really worked hard, they work hard every week in practice, and (special-teams coach) Scott O'Brien, they go through a lot of little things and really do a good job of preparing, so I was really happy for the success they had tonight. The plays they made helped their team and, again, those kids work hard and really deserve it." (Source: Patriots transcript)