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They said it: Browns Monday edition

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By PFW staff

Here's a round-up of quotes following the Browns' 23-20 win vs. the Bengals Sunday. All quotes taken from transcripts provided by the Browns:

Browns head coach Eric Mangini on the team's first win of the season: "It feels great. Jake, my oldest [son], decided to come to his first regular-season game today. I don't know why he decided today, but I was happy about it. It was special for me. The boys have come to different preseason games, but this is the first time that he has sort of been involved in the things that I do and it's just nice from a dad perspective."

Mangini on how the club rebounded from penalties: "I think it is a growing process. I went out to a house that was being built out in Maple Heights on Friday for the 'Extreme Home Makeover' and I was talking to the builder in that situation. You don't build a house like these guys do for the show in such a short amount time. You got hundreds and hundreds of volunteers — it's just an amazing process. I said to him, 'You must encounter a lot of different problems.' First of all, he was so thankful to have the opportunity to build the house, and he said, 'There aren't any problems, there are just challenges.' That made me think about our situation and that was really my message to the team last night and today. We're not going to encounter problems throughout the course of the game, the course of the season, we're just going to encounter challenges. Just like they are going to build that house for a very special family, we've got to be able to match those challenges, meet those challenges, overcome them, and I think that was the attitude. It wasn't a problem, it was a challenge and we had to overcome it and figure out a way to win."

Mangini on whether QB Jake Delhomme will be the club's starter: "Jake is going to start when he can start and my assumption would be next week."

Mangini on the club's decision to frequently double-cover Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco, leaving Terrell Owens (222 yards receving Sunday) single-covered:
"I'm not taking anything away from T.O. You can't, the guy had 200-and-something yards against us. I think Chad is a special receiver.  I think he's an elite guy and he can hurt you. When he hurts you, he hurts you big. Terrell, obviously he can do some of the same things."

Bengals QB Carson Palmer on the Cincinnati offense failing to score on its final drive, which ended with 4:48 left with a Kevin Huber punt: "We had the penalty [pass interference on Ochocinco] that pushed us back on third down and we didn't capitalize on that possession, obviously. Then taking the sack and having to punt, we were just trying to get into field-goal range. But at the same time too, I think there were still six minutes left on the clock [4:48] and I remember thinking, 'We're going to get another crack at it.' But they did such a good job running the ball today, and they did it last week too, against another good defense. You have to take your hat off to them and give them credit. They outplayed us today and won the game. Outplayed us. And I know this team will be excited about a second opportunity to play them at home."

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