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Insider: QB Edwards not consistent enough

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By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• "The way Trent Edwards was released (by the Bills), it seemed like something would have been behind it — some sniping or off-the-field incident — but sometimes teams just cut their losses and move on. We looked into it. They just wanted to move Brian Brohm and the next guy up one notch in the pecking order and see what they got. Edwards had spurts of real good games and he had enough talent, but he just was not consistent enough."

• "Jacksonville's young offensive line is not getting coached well. Everyone wants to kill the quarterback (David) Garrard, but you could put Dan Marino back there and he could not play quarterback much better. There is no protection."

• "(Iowa head coach) Kirk Ferentz is one of the top five coaches in college football. He gets the most out of the talent they have of any program I know. … I think he would be a great NFL coach, but there are not many college coaches I would say that about."

• "There are two or three plays every week that decide who wins — everywhere around the league. That is why coaching is so key. I don't know what is happening in San Francisco with (Mike) Singletary. But, gee whiz, for them to come out of the box so slowly. He is so blustery — I don't know if that works anymore. That approach is so short-term — it wears off. … He is a figurehead motivator. He has never even been a coordinator. When Mike Nolan takes him from Baltimore and does not make him a coordinator, it tells you something."

• "Once you win a couple of games, you think you are the smartest guy in the world. The big knock on Mike Martz — from everyone that has worked with him — is that he is an egomaniac. It'll get crazy if they keep winning with smoke and mirrors."

• "I thought this was going to be the year that it all caught up to (Steelers head coach Mike) Tomlin, but it just goes to show you — if you keep (Dick) LeBeau and those black and gold uniforms, they will keep winning."

• "Who do the Giants have that is explosive on offense? Ahmad Bradshaw? Mario Manningham? Their offense does not have anyone that scares you, and the offensive line is getting old fast. Tennessee was just toying with them."

• "Vince Young is too up and down. I can see why they don't trust that guy. You don't know who is showing up on Sunday with him. I am not in that building, but I can tell you just from watching him — they don't know who is showing up. It's not easy to plan around that."

• "Michael Vick looks like a young Steve Young running that same offense with a left-handed gun and a lot of talent around him. He could be more consistent, but he's going to create a lot of plays and get you out of a lot of bad situations."

• "Norv Turner had to fight when he got to San Diego. You have to throw to win. More teams are throwing than ever before because they don't allow you to hit the quarterback or touch receivers. The reality is that the NFL wants teams to air it out. That is the way the league has gone. You tell me who lines up and knocks you off the ball. No one does it anymore."

• "(Ravens DT) Haloti Ngata is dominating. There are few big men that can move like he does. You don't hear his name a lot, but he is the guy you have to game plan for on that front. He's a small house."

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