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Week Four power rankings

Posted Sept. 28, 2010 @ 10:13 a.m. ET
By PFW staff

1. Indianapolis Colts: Peyton without two top receivers is still better than most QBs.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers: Batch delivered more than they could have asked.

3. Green Bay Packers: Offensive line could be tested against feisty Lions front.

4. New Orleans Saints: Team will have short memory when deciding who will kick.

5. New York Jets: Braylon made his three quarters and two receptions count.

6. Houston Texans: Not a huge loss when you step back and think about it.

7. Baltimore Ravens: Will need to figure out how Peyton Hillis gashed them.

8. Atlanta Falcons: Week One loss to Steelers doesn't look so bad anymore.

9. New England Patriots: Even the Lions have allowed fewer points than the Pats' 82.

10. Chicago Bears: Catching the Giants when they are vulnerable.

11. Miami Dolphins: Disappointing loss, but Chad Henne's progress is very encouraging.

12. Philadelphia Eagles: Game vs. ­McNabb even bigger with hot Vick.

13. Tennessee Titans: They win ugly better than almost any team.

14. Kansas City Chiefs: Only nine rushing first downs allowed this season.

15. Cincinnati Bengals: Ugly offensive play in first half just can't happen anymore.

16. Dallas Cowboys: Running game made small strides, but the run defense — yeesh.

17. San Diego Chargers: Need some work in the end-of-game-drama department.

18. Minnesota Vikings: Favre said early bye week is not what he wants.

19. Seattle Seahawks: What do we really make of their two wins?

20. New York Giants: Lack of discipline was shocking on Sunday.

21. Arizona Cardinals: This is how they have managed to win: with healthy dose of luck.

22. Denver Broncos: Meet Kyle Orton, ­gunslinger.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Still haven't gotten Cadillac warmed up.

24. Washington Redskins: Outscored 46-13 in second half and overtime this season.

25. Oakland Raiders: Was that D.H.B. ­making plays at the end of the game?

26. Jacksonville Jaguars: The silver lining is they played Colts tight twice last season.

27. San Francisco 49ers: Worst point differential in the NFL.

28. St. Louis Rams: Have outscored their opponents by eight points. Seriously.

29. Detroit Lions: Jahvid Best's toe could be one of those nagging injuries all season long.

30. Cleveland Browns: If a few plays went their way, they might be higher on this list.

31. Carolina Panthers: Clausen was miserable until the fourth, when he was so-so.

32. Buffalo Bills: They'd be smart to trade Lynch when his stock is at its apex.

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