They Said It: Browns Tuesday edition

Posted Sept. 28, 2010 @ 5:50 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

Here's a selection of quotes from Browns head coach Eric Mangini and Browns players:

Browns OLB Marcus Benard on wanting to return to the field this week after sitting out the Week Three game at Baltimore with an ankle injury: "Marcus Benard will not be sitting on the bench anymore." (Source: Akron Beacon-Journal)

Browns CB Sheldon Brown on how CB Eric Wright was feeling after surrendering three TD passes on Sunday: "Nobody has to tell me. I've given up overtime touchdowns and walk-off touchdowns. There's not a worse feeling than that." (Source: The Canton Repository)

Browns head coach Eric Mangini, speaking Monday about the need for cornerbacks to be confident and for Wright to move on after his tough game: "Cornerbacks have to have short memories. That's the way it is because they're going to be back out there and they're going to be tested again. You need a short memory and you need a high confidence level and you need to know that you're good, you need to know that the next opportunity that you're going to have you're going to play better. (Former Eagles, Jets, Patriots and Lions CB) Otis Smith had the shortest memory of any cornerback I have ever been around. There were some plays that he gave up and he'd come back the next week and play much better. (Former Patriots, Jets, Chiefs and Broncos CB) Ty Law was the same way; you can't play with any apprehension when you play that position because you are typically alone and you are alone often and when you make a mistake it goes for six. You guys have interviewed a lot of cornerbacks; they usually have pretty high (self-esteem), and that's for good reason because they have to. I have a lot of confidence in Eric. I've coached a lot of guys; I've seen a lot of different talent levels. He's a very talented player and he's made a lot of strides." (Source: transcript provided by team)

Mangini, speaking Monday on the Browns' special-teams return units' performance at Baltimore: "On (special) teams, (we've) still got to get the return game going whether it's the punt returns or the kick returns. We didn't have a lot of opportunities on kick returns because of the depth of the kickoffs, but the opportunities that we get we got to make them count. We've just got to turn that back into what it should be, which is a weapon. (Source: transcript provided by team)