Did Brett Favre earn his money this week?

Posted Sept. 28, 2010 @ 3:50 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

We take a look at how Vikings QB Brett Favre, who is earning more than $1 million per game this season, performed each week.

Favre improved in Week Three against the Lions, even if he didn't put up great numbers. He completed 23-of-34 passes for a season-best 67.6 percent, which is right about where he was for the 2009 season, and threw for a respectable 201 yards. Favre's TD pass to a wide-open Percy Harvin was a whisker away from being overthrown, but Harvin made the diving catch in the endzone for a big momentum change early in the game.

Those are the positives.

The negatives are that Favre was intercepted twice, including one ill-advised throw in which he put the ball right in the bread basket of Lions DT Corey Williams, who almost scored on the return. The play was a screen, and when the Lions messed up the blocking scheme, Favre should have turfed it. It's rare that a defensive lineman gets an interception on a play like that, where he had gotten position in front of the intended receiver.

Overall, though, Favre and the Vikings got the much-needed win, which is why he was brought back this season.