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They Said It: Browns edition

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Posted Sept. 27, 2010 @ 10 p.m. ET
By PFW staff

Quotes from Browns head coach Eric Mangini and players the day after the Browns fell 24-17 at Baltimore. Unless otherwise noted, quotes are from a transcript provided by the team: 

Browns head coach Eric Mangini on CB Eric Wright, who surrendered three TDs to Ravens WR Anquan Boldin in Cleveland's 24-17 loss to Baltimore Sunday: "Eric didn't have a good day, and when you don't have a good day against a really good player, it ends up being a bad day. I can tell you this, that Eric Wright has played a lot of good football for us, all throughout last year, matching up against best receivers and doing an outstanding job. I know how important it is for him to be right and how important it is for him to play up to his expectations and our expectations, and he's done that on a very consistent basis. He was disappointed, and my expectation is he'll play a lot better next week."

Mangini on Wright being beaten for Boldin's third TD, which came when the Browns blitzed: "Anytime you blitz, there's trust on both parts. You trust the secondary they're going to hold up, and you trust the front that they're going to get there. It's just the way it is. You go all in and somebody walks away with the chips, and unfortunately they did."

Mangini on whether Wright apologized for his play against Baltimore: "No. I'm not looking for apologies from anybody. I made mistakes in the game, the coaches made mistakes in the game, and other players made mistakes in the game. What I'm looking for is recognizing the mistakes you made and identifying how you can get better and committing to doing that. We are all going to make mistakes, we are all going to do things, we all can do things better, but it's having that honesty of saying, 'This is what I can do better, this is how I'm going to get it fixed, and it's going to start on Wednesday and it's going to carry over into the Cincinnati game.' To me, it's not whether you say sorry, it's whether you don't do it again. That's what I'm looking for — corrections, progress and moving forward."

Wright, quoted in The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer Monday on how he will respond after the Baltimore game: "The measure of a man and his character is how he responds to adversity and I'm looking forward to the opportunities."

Browns CB Sheldon Brown, quoted in The Plain Dealer Monday on Wright's preparation: "He works hard, he does all the little things, we know he's prepared. He's probably the only guy on the football team that downloads all the film and goes home and watches it. He's dedicated."

Mangini on the passing game's approach vs. the Ravens in Week Three, when QB Seneca Wallace completed 18-of-24 passes for 141 yards with one TD and no INTs and compiled a 103.0 QB rating: "I'd say this plan was very specific. Go to the read that we had designed and if it's not there, get it to the second read quickly. Seneca had over a 100 quarterback rating, and I thought he was very efficient. We haven't done that against the Ravens ever, been over 100 yards in quarterback rating, I don't think. You're not going to sit back there and wait for things to happen. There are quick decisions that have to be made, and whoever gets the ball gets the ball, but the key thing is to get it out, make the play and move the chains."

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