Dallas backfield tilting toward Barber

Posted Sept. 27, 2010 @ 2:48 p.m.
Posted By Michael Blunda

So much for Felix Jones finally getting his time to shine in the Cowboys' backfield. Through three games, Marion Barber is still the team's lead dog.

After getting eight carries apiece in the season opener, Barber got 11 carries to Jones' seven in Week Two. Then on Sunday, some separation was really created, as Barber saw the ball 17 times for 55 yards and a TD while Jones only got seven totes for 43 yards. Advantage, Barber.

Despite Dallas' claims before the season that it was finally ready to let the explosive Jones loose in his third year, that has been anything but the case thus far. He continues to be nothing more than a complementary back, and his numbers are actually down across the board. Drafted as a No. 3 RB in many leagues, he's not even worth starting in most formats.

With the Cowboys insisting that they need to be more physical, it's likely that Barber remains the top back moving forward. Even though he's gaining a meager 3.5 yards per carry this season, he's a punishing runner who can wear down opponents over the course of a game. At this point, that's what this offense seems to covet more than Jones' home-run ability.

While Barber should be a fine weekly start in this game plan, Jones owners should be patient, as Dallas could change its mind at the drop of a hat.