Referee explains timeout confusion from Pats-Bills game

Posted Sept. 26, 2010 @ 5:42 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

Referee John Parry explained to pool reporter Mike Reiss the back-to-back timeout calls by the Bills at the end of the first half did not warrant a penalty, but should not have been allowed.

With the first half winding down, Bills PK Rian Lindell kicked a 34-yard field goal but Patriots head coach Bill Belihcick was irate. He believed a penalty should have been called on the Bills for calling back-to-back timeouts.

Parry said there is no foul for calling a second timeout in the rulebook, but that the referees should not have granted the second timeout. "There is no five-yard penatly for what we did," he said. "(The procedure is to) get the players reset, the second timeout is not allowed, resume play, which is what we did."

The Bills had called a timeout after getting an apparent first down. When instant replay reversed the call, making it fourth down, a Bills player called another timeout. Parry said that timeout should not been allowed, and the Bills likely would have been penalized for a delay of game with the play clock winding down.