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Insider: Singletary needs a sounding board

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By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• "I think the players like (Mike) Singletary, and his message is good. I don't know if he is shrewd enough to surround himself with the right coaches. Every coach has a go-to guy — a good friend that tells you if you are going too far — a sounding board. Sometimes it might even be the GM, but usually it is an assistant head coach. I'm not sure if Mike has that, especially if his OC (offensive coordinator) and QB coach don't get along and Vernon Davis is chewing out (Michael) Crabtree. They play hard for him — he still has their respect, but the Chiefs game could be huge for their confidence. … It's always tough to travel after a Monday-night game, but they were outcoached (against Kansas City). And when the players know it and stop believing, (any team) has big problems."  

• "The Saints don't have any single receiver who really scares you, but I would take their group collectively over any other in the league. (Marques) Colston, Devery Henderson and (Robert) Meachem are good."

• "I don't care what anyone says — Detroit still stinks. They are terrible on defense. Their offensive line is not very good. They do have some weapons. I like (Jahvid) Best, but he is a space guy and needs to be on indoor turf. I don't understand why they don't feed Calvin Johnson the ball more. It is crazy. (Ndamukong) Suh is good, and (Kyle) Vanden Bosch is very good. Their linebackers are average. Their secondary is horrible. Jim Schwartz has them playing hard. They do play hard."

• "How many offensive coordinators, including Mike Shanahan and Sean Payton and guys who call plays — how many offensive coordinators can come into a game not knowing the defense is going to play completely different than they normally do — how many (play-callers) can make the adjustment in the game in the first half or whenever they recognize it? The same thing with defense — how many can change gears and start reacting to a different offense? Jim Johnson when he was in Philadelphia could do it. (Bill) Belichick could. When the Jets played Baltimore (in the season opener), I think (the Ravens) played a defense (the Jets) were not expecting — a soft cover-2 and cover-2 with little blitzing. I don't think (Jets offensive coordinator Brian) Schottenheimer knew how to react."

• "(Braylon) Edwards is not that good. He will be there the rest of the year, and then he is gone. He has potential, but he has never shown he knows how to become a pro, and what he did (the other) night just shows he will never become a pro. When the team has a program in place where all you have to do is call a number and they will come pick you up and your car, there's no excuse. It's just flat-out stupid. He will never get it."

• "How do you think Perry Fewell feels about his decision not to come to Chicago now? The Bears will be in it this year if they have a little luck and stay healthy. They have a chance to win the division. The Giants look like a mess. They can't stop anyone right now. Indianapolis shredded them."

• "It does not look good for John Fox right now. It's not the way you want to start out a season. (Offensive coordinator) Jeff Davidson is a good inside-outside zone-running game coordinator, but when it comes to setting up plays and having a feel for (play-calling), he does not get it. He leaves a lot of points on the board. It was the same story in Cleveland when he was there, and he got ran off and now he's doing the same thing in Carolina. They can't get the offense going. Jonathan Stewart is a (work)horse, and he is not getting any carries."

• "The Packers' safeties are fast and (Nick) Collins has great ball skills, but between Morgan Burnett and Collins, you have a pair of safeties that are not very smart. It's an area that can be attacked."

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