Jets unanimously vote to decertify

Posted Sept. 24, 2010 @ 2:46 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

The Jets became the eighth NFL team to vote unanimously to allow the NFLPA to decertify the union with a vote on Thursday.

Decertifying the union allows the players to sue the owners if the owners lock out the players after the 2010 season. NFL owners are exempt from being sued by unions that are negotiating collective bargaining agreements because of antitrust laws. Decertification gives the players potential leverage.

"It's all about the big picture," Jets OL Damien Woody said. "Players around the league, we're going to stick together and do what's best, make the game better for the players that are going to come after us."

NFLPA execuvite director DeMaurice Smith met with the Jets before the vote.

The way we see it

See a pattern yet? Smith has been extremely proactive in explaining to each team the importance of voting for decertification as eight teams have already done so unanimously. The Patriots are likely the next team to vote. Any step in the direction of avoiding a lockout is a step in the right direction and getting the vote out as early as the NFLPA can this season can make the process a more fluid one when the season concludes.