Belichick, Brady respond to losing Faulk

Posted Sept. 23, 2010 @ 5:12 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

Patriots head caoch Bill Belichick and QB Tom Brady reacted to the loss of RB Kevin Faulk for the season because of a torn ACL.

"Very few guys over the years have played as well and consistently at such high level as Kevin. He's been one part of this offense that's been so dependable for us, and reliable," said Brady. "There's nobody like him. He's such a unique person, a unique talent, a unique spirit about him."

Faulk served as Brady's go-to guy on third down, whether it was picking up blitzes or catching passes out of the backfield. "As a quarterback, you're looking for the guys that you can trust. That's what Kevin has always done. When you call Kevin's number, he's open," said Brady.

"I think I'm pretty lucky that he was here when I got here, so I'll take that one. Kevin is a good football player. He's smart and he's tough," said Belichick. The head coach has also coached other great third-down backs, like Eric Metcalf, but he considers Faulk the best."Probably at the top," Belichick said when asked about where Faulk falls on the top third-down backs list. "He's had a lot of production, not just on third down either."

The way we see it

Brady and Belichick's quotes further illustrate what kind of loss it is for the Patriots with Faulk gone for the year. RB Sammy Morris will be first in line to step into Faulk's role as the new third-down back.