Patriots-Bills matchup of the day: Wednesday

Posted Sept. 22, 2010 @ 2 p.m.
Posted By Kevin Fishbain

The Patriots' front seven will need to stop the Bills' three running backs and force the Bills to score points with their league-worst passing game.

Patriots' front seven vs. Bills running backs:

The Pats allowed Jets RB LaDainian Tomlinson to gain 6.9 yards per carry in their Week Two loss to the Jets, mainly getting beat on big runs in the second half. The Bills bring the league's worst passing offense and backup QB Ryan Fitzpatrick in the starter's role to Gillette Stadium on Sunday, so expect them to try and exploit the Patriots' defensive front to get anything going on offense. The Bills trot out a trio of RBs: Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson, and the explosive rookie C.J. Spiller. Lynch got the bulk of the carries in the Bills' Week Two loss to the Packers with Spiller getting one, but expect all three of them to get involved against the Pats. The Jets also burned New England on a dump-off pass to LT following a linebacker blitz and the Bills may try to do the same, especially considering Fitzpatrick is at the helm.

While the Patriots' secondary showed major weaknesses against the Jets, the Bills will at least start the game utilizing the run, and their run vs. the Pats' front might be the only in-game unit advantage they have. NT Vince Wilfork likely will get double-teamed most of the game, so the Patriots' LBs need to be ready if the Bills' RBs reach the second level, mainly ILBs Brandon Spikes and Jerod Mayo.