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Week Three power rankings

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By PFW staff

1. Green Bay Packers: Like the Colts last season, they might not need a big run game.

2. New Orleans Saints: Short week to get ready for Falcons, who have game circled.

3. Indianapolis Colts: They fix internal problems better than almost any team.

4. Houston Texans: Biggest game in ­franchise history, Part Two, coming up.

5. Baltimore Ravens: Joe Flacco was ­supposed to be past this kind of game.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers: Troy Polamalu's presence alone makes defense elite again.

7. New York Jets: Too early to give up on Mark Sanchez? You bet.

8. San Diego Chargers: Entering a trap game at Seattle.

9. New England Patriots: Two pass-­interference calls were killers.

10. Miami Dolphins: Can't overstate ­importance of goal-line stop.

11. Chicago Bears: Fixing pass protection in-game allowed Jay Cutler to shine.

12. New York Giants: Eli already plotting his ­revenge for Manning Bowl III in 2014.

13. Cincinnati Bengals: T.O.cho entertain, but defense led way over Ravens.

14. Atlanta Falcons: Should Jason Snelling get the ball more? All he does is produce.

15. Dallas Cowboys: Offensive struggles are one thing, but what happened to the "D"?

16. Philadelphia Eagles: Jaguars might be the right game to get Kolb some confidence.

17. Minnesota Vikings: They can only ask the defense to do so much.

18. Tennessee Titans: Vince Young: Not a performance befitting of Heisman wanna-be.

19. Washington Redskins: Texans loss reminiscent of Saints debacle last season.

20. Kansas City Chiefs: Gotta tip your hat to Romeo Crennel working with young group.

21. San Francisco 49ers: Decision to start leaning more on ground game nearly produced win over Saints.

22. Denver Broncos: Kyle Orton might never get respect, but he throws the ball well.

23. Arizona Cardinals: Derek Anderson far from the only one to point fingers at.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars: Six turnovers led to 17 S.D. points. Bad "D" took care of rest.

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Josh Freeman showing serious improvement.

26. Oakland Raiders: Bad sign when two-point win over Rams is a good thing.

27. Seattle Seahawks: So what's your next motivational ploy, Coach Carroll?

28. Carolina Panthers: John Fox has a slow hook, but QB change might be coming.

29. Detroit Lions: The next 10 years of Jahvid Best are going to be fun.

30. Cleveland Browns: When does Mike Holmgren start getting antsy?

31. Buffalo Bills: Was Marshawn Lynch being displayed for a trade?

32. St. Louis Rams: Roughing call on Fred Robbins was one they'd like back.

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