Vikings MVP Meter: Week Two

Posted Sept. 21, 2010 @ 2:13 a.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

After each game we'll take a look at the top five Vikings MVP candidates.

1. RB Adrian Peterson: Forget the fourth-down stand by the Dolphins (which was his sixth straight carry on that series, incidentally). Peterson has run with an angry streak this season and only has been held back by the coaching staff at times. He has an edge that could be the factor that turns this team around from 0-2. With the passing game struggling, there's no reason why Peterson shouldn't carry the ball 20-25 times every game until things get on track.

2. DE Jared Allen: Until further notice, he's the Vikings' best defender. He played a nice game Sunday, notching a sack, and still draws extra attention from a back and a left tackle on most pass plays. As a whole, this defense has played fairly well through two games.

3. TE Visanthe Shiancoe: He hasn't been perfect, but he has been the one reliable target in the passing game. Shiancoe was strong in both games' first halves, but defenses started focusing on him when it was clear that no other pass receiver was going to beat them.

4. MLB E.J. Henderson: After that scary broken leg last December, it's a minor miracle that Henderson even is walking or running now, much less tied for the team lead in tackles with 13. He also has a forced fumble and is playing far better than anyone could have predicted.

5. QB Brett Favre: Two bad statistical performances do not a season make, and though Favre has received a lot of the blame so far, it's clear that his line and his receivers are not doing him any favors. Besides, quarterbacks tend to take most of the blame and receive most of the credit with wins, so it's obvious who could receive some praise once the team gets back on track.