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Vikings' 60-second rant: Favre, receivers must hook up

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By Eric Edholm

If the Vikings are going to turn this thing around offensively, QB Brett Favre and his receivers — the ones who are on the roster now — are going to have to get in some double-time work over the next few weeks to fix the problem.

Right now, Favre and his receivers, namely Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin, appear to be speaking two different languages and playing two different games. It was obvious in Sunday's loss to the Dolphins, during which two of Favre's three interceptions appeared to be the result of miscommunication between quarterback and receiver.

Harvin, who has a strained hip, might miss Sunday's game. With TE Visanthe Shiancoe the only reliable pass catcher on the roster right now, it will be up to Berrian to step up. It's difficult to say who was at fault or who was more to blame — Favre or Berrian — on the interception in the third quarter near the goal line. Favre appeared to be attempting a back-shoulder throw, but Berrian didn't act like he expected the ball to be where it was thrown.

Berrian spent a brief time Monday explaining that he has felt pressure from outside the team to perform better and didn't sound like he was happy about it. Perhaps more pressure needs to be applied from inside the team because his play is not up to snuff right now after two poor games.

Favre is not without blame, naturally. His absence from training camp caught up with him this year, especially with Harvin sidelined with his chronic migraines. The assumption was that Favre would come in, as he did last season, and meld quickly. But that hasn't happened, clearly.

The easy temptation is to say: Trade for Vincent Jackson.

But what does that do now? And for that matter, what might it do a month from now?

Jackson won't be available until Week Six, and that's assuming the Vikings would be willing to part with valuable compensation for a player who could be a 12-game rental. Besides, Jackson would have to make the switch from the Chargers' three-digit offense to the Vikings' West Coast system, which would require an adjustment time.

If Favre and Berrian can't seem to get in sync after more than a year together, would it be any different with Favre and Jackson?

Besides, trading for Jackson might reek as a desperation move and one that might not go over well in a locker room with several impending free agents who have been told there will be no more negotiating this season. In order to get Jackson, the Vikings would have to work out a deal with the restricted free agent, and anything more than a one-year contract would come off as a slap in several players' faces.

It has to come from within. Berrian must improve. Favre must improve. Harvin must get healthy and get better. Drawing the Lions and their 609 passing yards on Sunday will help, but that's just a one-week respite prior to the Week Four bye.

Change must come from within the building. And quickly.

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