Week Two power rankings

Posted Sept. 14, 2010 @ 10:22 a.m.
Posted By PFW staff

1. Green Bay Packers: They were who we thought they were ... in the second quarter.

2. New Orleans Saints: Never question Gregg Williams with extra time to game-plan.

3. Baltimore Ravens: Have they made enough moves in the secondary?

4. New England Patriots: Welker was the story, but defense made mini-statement.

5. Indianapolis Colts: Clearly, the O-line can't expose Manning like that again.

6. Houston Texans: Three of next four games vs. NFC East teams.

7. San Diego Chargers: After shaky start, we'll see if their depth can hold up.

8. New York Jets: So, who exactly is the go-to receiver with Holmes out?

9. Dallas Cowboys: Trainers urged to speed up Marc Colombo's healing process.

10. Minnesota Vikings: Not clear why they stopped running Peterson in second half.

11. New York Giants: All three of Manning's INTs were off receivers' hands first.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers: Did excellent job containing Atlanta's run game.

13. Miami Dolphins: Only thing they ­struggled to defend was hurry-up offense.

14. Atlanta Falcons: Offense was too Roddy White-­dependent in Week One.

15. Tennessee Titans: Chris Johnson still on pace for more than 2,000 yards. Phew.

16. Philadelphia Eagles: Cool it with your QB controversy — there is none.

17. Cincinnati Bengals: Don't let score fool you — they were awful in first half.

18. Washington Redskins: Got out with victory but left a lot of plays on the field.

19. Arizona Cardinals: Defense wasn't completely gutted by free agency.

20. Chicago Bears: Loss to Lions would have hurt more than damning Forbes article.

21. San Francisco 49ers: Singletary must get Vernon Davis-level mad at team for that.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars: Kampman's pressure a welcome sight.

23. Carolina Panthers: Way too much pressure allowed, even with Otah not playing.

24. Seattle Seahawks: Now if Pete Carroll can channel this enthusiasm every week ...

25. Denver Broncos: Tebow fans in Jacksonville felt gypped by 2-2-0 rushing effort.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Have to like the way Freeman played with balky thumb.

27. Kansas City Chiefs: Matt Cassel must take control of team early on.

28. Detroit Lions: Must get over disappointment, get ready for a few weeks of Shaun Hill.

29. Oakland Raiders: If Facebook had a "Dislike" button, we'd use it for their offense.

30. Cleveland Browns: Zesty effort in loss, but Delhomme can't throw that INT.

31. Buffalo Bills: Why not go with the two-minute offense more often?

32. St. Louis Rams: Hard not to like most of what Sam Bradford did in debut.