Revis, Jets were both ready to pass on 2010

Posted Sept. 11, 2010 @ 7:26 p.m.
Posted By Eli Kaberon

Both publicly and behind the scenes on their HBO show, the Jets said they were comfortable playing out the entire 2010 season without CB Darrelle Revis if he had chosen to continue his holdout. We hear that Revis would have been comfortable doing the same.

According to the All-Pro's agent, Neil Schwartz, there was no way that Revis was going to step on the field this year for his original salary of $1 million. Revis felt he should have been compensated as the league's best defensive back and was willing to miss the season to prove his point.

"The feeling in our camp was that we would sit out until a fair deal got done," Schwartz told PFW. "We were listening to everything they said (publicly), but we were always actively looking to get a deal signed."

Following his 36-day holdout, Revis and the Jets agreed to a $46 million contract ($32 million guaranteed) on Sept. 5. Jets SS Jim Leonhard was excited to see his teammate's deal get done but, like his coaches, felt the team would have been competitive without Revis.

"We feel like we had the talent without him, and then you add him to it and nothing changes," Leonhard said. "Obviously, we have a lot of confidence in this group of guys. We're excited to have him back and we're ready to go."

Schwartz said that neither side changed its negotiating approach as the regular season drew closer, another sign that both parties were prepared to kick off the year without No. 24 wearing green and white.

"We had a difference of opinion with the Jets, but that's business," Schwartz said.

The "business" also had a personal twist. Schwartz's son Deuce served as a Jets ball boy this summer, alongside head coach Rex Ryan's son, Seth. When asked how he got the highly competitive position, Deuce was a bit discreet, telling the team's coaches and his fellow ball boys that it was because his dad was the agent for Jets OG Rob Turner (which is accurate). It wasn't until there were only days remaining in camp before Ryan found out that the son of Revis' agent was working for his team.

"They gave Deuce some grief, but it was all in good fun. We both can separate business from real life," Schwartz said.


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