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Insider: Vick has 'got his burst back'

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Posted Sept. 06, 2010 @ 12:47 p.m. ET
By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• "The Eagles are going to have a hard time keeping Michael Vick off the football field. (Kevin) Kolb was OK (in the preseason). The other guy is getting it back. He's got his burst back. He looked like the Vick of old. I see why they did not want to get rid of him (after the off-field incident this summer)."

• "The hardest position to fill in free agency is wide receiver. There have been so many bad misses, even when you throw in the trades that have been made. What's really difficult to project is how a receiver is going to adjust to a new offense and how they will be used."

• "What made Bill Belichick's defenses so great 4-to-8 years ago — there were eight guys on those defenses that knew exactly where the ball was going after it was snapped and the offense took one step. That is what made (Tedy) Bruschi and those linemen so good. Ty Law, Otis Smith, Mike Vrabel, Willie McGinest, Rodney Harrison — if you (measured) their physical talent, it was not great. ­Bruschi was, what — 6-1, 240 and ran a 4.9 — that is not impressive. What is impressive was on 3rd-and-8, when Peyton (Manning) drops to pass and a tight end comes across the field at six yards. Eighty-five percent of the linebackers in this league would jump the crosser in front of them. With New England, it never happened. They just knew where the ball was going. If you took the mental football IQ of those (Patriots) defenses, it was off the charts. It had to be so fun to coach."

• "Teams have done a better job of locking up their own talent. There used to be much better players available in free agency — smart veterans who no longer have what they used to. Now it's getting harder to find those guys because they are getting paid more. You cannot let good players out of the building for nothing."

• "Why should Washington be making the most money when they had to take a loan from the NFL to build their stadium? I could understand why Jerry Jones is upset when he is marketing his (butt) off while Bill Bidwill is not, but there were a lot of owners that built franchises in smaller markets before the game really blew up because they knew and understood the NFL was set up to protect them (in the way of revenue sharing). How long has it been since Washington has fielded a winning football team, and yet they still produce the most revenue? What you have now is a big gap in cash on hand — Cincinnati may have $5 million in the bank while Washington has $35 million. It's getting to be like baseball where the gap keeps getting bigger and bigger. Roger (Goodell) needs to figure out how to close that gap and get 32 owners to agree on it. Jacksonville has had a better team than Washington the past five years, but the amount of money the Redskins have made, compared to Jacksonville, is astronomical. New owners say that is the way it is. Old owners say, 'No, no, no — that is not how the league was set up. We're only as good as the weakest link.' "

• "Take (No.) 18 (Peyton Manning) out of the equation and the Colts are lucky to win four games. They cannot run the ball to save their lives. (GM Bill) Polian put it mildly when he said their line underperformed in the Super Bowl. (The offensive line) is dumpy-bodied and underpowered. They have some skill talent around ­Manning. Dallas Clark is good. Reggie Wayne can play. Austin Collie is solid for the role they ask him to play. Joseph Addai is good. They have skill talent, but that line is weak at best, and the defense is awful."


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