49ers spat possibly due to Crabtree's inactivity

Posted Sept. 03, 2010 @ 4:12 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

So just what was the "elephant" — as Mike Singletary described it — that was so inelegantly "exposed" in a profanity-laced confrontation between Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree the day before the 49ers' preseason finale? "Nobody knows for sure," said one source on the scene, "but the consensus is that there were some concerns that Crabtree had not played at all in the preseason. That was especially the case entering the game against the Raiders, after he had practiced all week." The best guess is Davis, whose stature as a team leader, we hear, continues to grow by the day, took it upon himself to call Crabtree out — a discussion Singletary would have much preferred to have taken place in the locker room. "But what's really interesting is that Vernon chewed out Crabtree in much the same manner as Singletary openly chewed out Davis against Seattle in Singletary's debut as the interim head coach (in ’08)," the source said.


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