Haynesworth skips conditioning test

Posted July 31, 2010 @ 1:27 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

A swollen knee has kept Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth from taking his conditioning test a third time.

Haynesworth had some irritation in the knee, and doctors recommended that he not take the test today, head coach Mike Shanahan said. Haynesworth watched from the sideline as his teammates practiced Saturday morning.

The two-time All-Pro had failed the test Thursday and Friday, and Shanahan requires that passing the test is a precondition to being able to practice with the team. Because he was a no-show at the team's offseason conditioning program, he's the only Redskin required to take the test.

The test consists of 300 yards of sprints — called a "shuttle" — back and forth 25 yards at a time. It has to be run twice, with only a 3½-minute break in between. The short break demonstrates that the player can recover quickly. Linemen have to run the first shuttle in 70 seconds, the second one in 73 seconds. Although Haynesworth clocked 70 seconds on the first shuttle when he tried to pass the test Thursday, he violated the test's rules by taking an extended bathroom break — nearly 10 minutes — after finishing his first shuttle.

During a press conference Friday, Shanahan called the drill a "very minimal test" that most of his players could do "in their sleep." He said he is confident Haynesworth eventually will pass.

Haynesworth has expressed his displeasure with the team's shift to using more 3-4 alignments on defense, which would require him to play nose tackle at times rather than the 4-3 DT spot he feels is better-suited to his skills.


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