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Bengals boss takes care of his own

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By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• "It's ironic, for how often Mike Brown is called cheap, how much he takes care of his people. I was out of the league for a year and not under contract, and Mr. Brown covered my family medically. He did not have to do it. He just did. When you look at integrating minorities into the NFL and letting them be stars, letting them be themselves, the Brown family was one of the first. How many other places do you think Chad (Ochocinco) could pull off the (shenanigans) he pulls off?"

• "We're going to hear a lot about Tim Tebow the next few years. If I'm Josh ­McDaniels, I'm thinking the same way. You know (Tebow's) leadership and work ethic are off the charts. We know he is big, strong and fast enough — he was one of the best at the (NFL Scouting) Combine. He is a proven winner. What we are talking about is a technical flaw in his release. What is the difference between his technical flaw and the flaw of a pothead or criminal? Which is easier to correct, and who wants to correct it more? Pacman (Jones) had all the talent in the world, but he never corrected his flaw. Dan Marino had a flaw coming out of college that he corrected. Tiger Woods changed his golf swing three times in his career because he had technical flaws. How many pitchers have to release the ball higher? I don't think it was that crazy to take a chance."

• "Jon Gruden built a strong offensive line (in Tampa Bay). He wanted to pound the ball not unlike Andy Reid. Physically, they want to wear you out. What I think frustrated Jon is that he knew what he needed. He could describe to the personnel department what his (players) have to be able to do. He just never had any great personnel people with him. He is not an evaluator — head coaches do not have the time to do the job the way they need to — and I think that was his frustration. Now, how much was his inability to open up the (franchise's) checkbook — that is a question that remains to be answered."

• "When you look at the amount of money that has been misspent in the National Football League, it has to be maddening to owners. You want to know why Jim Mora and (former GM) Tim Ruskell are no longer in Seattle? Look at the huge money they gave to Patrick Kerney when he was one of the oldest ends in the league. They gave huge contracts to (Lofa) Tatupu, a huge contract to (Leroy) Hill and then drafted Aaron Curry and gave him huge money. That's $20-plus million a year invested in the linebacker position, while passing on (Mark) Sanchez. Even someone who may not know the game can see how illogical that was. It's no wonder why owners are looking at coaches as independent, two-year contractors."

• "Look at what Aaron Rodgers did with two to three years to learn the system. Look what Joe Flacco did with a good offensive line. Atlanta did a great job of giving Matt Ryan a running back his first year. Everything fell right for the Falcons (in Ryan's) first year. Michael Turner, Roddy White and Michael Jenkins all had career years. There was a lot of excitement building. Then they had the rough stretch early last season when guys got hurt and they could not stop (teams) defensively and it just kind of snowballed. Turner twisted his ankle. (Jerious) Norwood got hurt. The defensive line was beat up."

• "At the end of the day, you still need people that know what they are doing in the NFL. Today, there are too many politician coaches coming from the college ranks and too few qualified personnel people. You wonder why Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan dance circles around all these guys — that is why."


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