Eagles want to extend, finish drives better

Posted June 12, 2010 @ 11:27 a.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

New Eagles QB Kevin Kolb made it clear that he hopes one thing will be the same from last year's offense. "We love the quick strike," Kolb said. "I don't think that's going to change. Hopefully, it doesn't change."

Kolb spoke with PFW this week about the evolution of the Eagles' offense. Although he said he feels he is running the same system he has for his first three seasons, during which he primarily backed up Donovan McNabb, the coaches are expected to play to Kolb's strengths as much as they can.

Kolb might not have McNabb's arm strength, but sources around the team think he has better short- and medium-range accuracy and will be a quicker decision maker in time. TE Brent Celek, one of Kolb's closer friends on the team, says he has not noticed much of a difference in what the Eagles have run this offseason.

"It's obviously early here in (OTAs), but I have not seen much difference," Celek told PFW. "Maybe we'll see more (of a difference) in training camp, but for right now it's just business as usual."

Although the playbook won't change dramatically, one area of emphasis should. As dangerous an offense as the Eagles had last season, mostly under McNabb, there was a subtle downside to their tendency to score quickly. They often lost the time-of-possession battle, and by season's end it appeared that the defense was worn out.

Kolb hopes that the team can maintain its quick-strike ability while also learning how better to finish off drives and control the clock in certain situations.

"We always want to get better on red-zone efficiency and overall efficiency," he said. "This offense is built on that. The quarterbacks in the past have had a lot of success (and) have been very consistent. But those are two things that you can always get better at. We always stress consistency. We always stress efficiency."


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