Chiefs' choice of McCluster shocks Eagles

Posted April 23, 2010 @ 8:14 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

Word on the street is that the Eagles were stunned that Dexter McCluster went to the Chiefs at 36, as they had hoped to take him one pick later.

Instead, the Eagles filled a need at free safety, taking Nate Allen, a player whose tackling issues probably were the only thing that kept him out of Round One.

Back to McCluster: I think the Chiefs will use him as much as a slot receiver and returner as they will as a runner. With Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones there, they don't need McCluster slamming his 170-pound frame into the line more than a few times a game. He's excellent in space, making people miss. He can take snaps from the Wildcat, take end arounds and even can throw the ball once or twice a season.

If he can be half as valuable as Wes Welker was for Matt Cassel, then the Chiefs got a great player here. And McCluster, remember, spent a good portion of his college career as a receiver, only moving to running back in the second half of his senior season.

The Eagles love this kind of speed in the draft. They want another back to add a different dimension to LeSean McCoy and Mike Bell. The Chiefs taking McCluster stung a little. The Eagles will look for another fast back somewhere in the draft.

Oh, and Allen's pick means he's the third safety off the board. Meanwhile, Taylor Mays continues to wait somewhere to hear his name.


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