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Q&A with Alabama NT Terrence Cody

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By Jeff Biertzer

In back-to-back years at Alabama, NT Terrence Cody plugged the middle of a run defense that allowed less than 80 yards per game. At 6-3 5/8 and 354 pounds, “Mount” Cody appears to be the perfect fit for a 3-4 defense. 

He earned consensus All-America honors in consecutive years, tallying 28 tackles and six tackles for loss with one batted pass and two blocked kicks (one of which preserved a win over Tennessee in the final seconds) for the No. 2 ranked defense and helping the undefeated Crimson Tide win a national championship in his senior season.

PFW recently caught up with Cody to discuss his playing weight, stamina and conditioning, the 3-4 teams interested in him and the hardest he has ever hit another player. 

PFW: Have you weighed in recently? How much do you weigh? 

TC: 350. 

PFW: What’s your playing weight going to be? 

TC: Most teams say between 345 and 350. 

PFW: Your weight has fluctuated in your career. What do you tell teams who might be concerned about your stamina and conditioning?

TC: I tell them I now have control over my weight. 

PFW: You are one of the best run stoppers in the draft, what are you doing to stay on the field on passing downs? 

TC: Get my stamina up and work on my pass rush. 

PFW: How are you working on your stamina and pass rush? 

TC: Doing drills. Pass-rushing drills, and I do a lot of sprints. 

PFW: How often do you train? 

TC: Two times a day. 

PFW: Where have you been training? 

TC: Athletes’ Performance Institute in Pensacola. 

PFW: Who do you train with? 

TC: Mostly people in the upcoming draft. Sam Bradford, Dan LeFevour, and Jermaine Cunningham from Florida. 

PFW: Can you describe one of your recent workouts? 

TC: Really nothing big. Just a bunch of small drills to prepare me. 

PFW: What are your plans for Draft Day?

TC: We’re having just a little get together with the family in Virginia. 

PFW: How do you like the new format for the NFL draft? 

TC: Yeah. The draft is starting at 7 p.m. on a Thursday. It’s weird. 

PFW: What teams have shown interest in you recently? 

TC: Ravens, Chargers, and Denver.  

PFW: So, mainly 3-4 teams are looking at you? 

TC: Yeah. 

PFW: Have you heard from any 4-3 teams? 

TC: A couple, but not a lot. 

PFW: What team do you want to play for? 

TC: It doesn’t matter. 

PFW: Anything can happen on draft weekend, have you heard when you’re expected to be drafted? 

TC: No. I’m just going to wait until my name is called. Hopefully, it’s the first round. 

PFW: I heard in high school you hit a player so hard he was vomiting on the sideline, was this the hardest you’ve hit someone or have you hit someone harder?

TC: This was the hardest hit I had so far. 

PFW: Can you describe the play to me? 

TC: I really can’t remember much, but I remember hitting him fast and hard. 

PFW: Did he play again that game? 

TC: Yes. I hit him in the third quarter. He returned at the end of the fourth quarter or maybe it was OT, it was a close game.


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