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Insider: Seahawks made good gamble on Whitehurst

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By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• "(Seattle GM) John Schneider looks like he was trying to pull a Ron Wolf by signing Charlie Whitehurst. It would be something if he hits. ... I will say this: Drafting Jimmy Clausen early would scare the (heck) out of me. The Matt Schaubs of the world go for two (second-round picks). To give up a third and move back 20 spots when you already have two ones is a good move to me. You don't lose your job paying $8 million over two years to a quarterback who might hit. You lose it paying $64 million over five to a cocky rookie. The problem is, if you don't have a quarterback, how do you win in this league? Where do you get these guys from?"

• "Mike Martz will not max-protect. He is going to ask his tackles to handle matchups solo one-on-one. The first question is: Do the Bears have the tackles to hold up isolated in single protection? The second question is: How is Jay Cutler going to react to Martz's offense? Trust me, there is going to be a guy open, but what Martz asks his quarterbacks to do is hold the ball, stay in the pocket and wait for receivers to run an 18-yard dig. That's 3½-to-4 seconds to hit openings. Even if your line does not whiff, you might take one on the chin."

• "The question with Martz's offense has always been this: Does he have the quarterback who will hang in tough and take shot after shot after shot? Kurt Warner did, but that made him shell-shocked. He was that way with the Giants. It was not until they max-protected in Arizona that he got it back. Marc Bulger is (nearly 33 years old) and done — he did not want to get hit anymore. Jon Kitna would run through a wall all day in Detroit and just get the (crap) kicked out of him. He was tough as nails, and that's why Martz loved him. Alex Smith would not hang in the pocket, so they threw Shaun Hill in there, and before that it was J.T. O'Sullivan. With (Mike) Shanahan, Jay (Cutler) got rid of it fast. It was boom, boom, boom. With Martz, it is wait, wait, wait, bam — get hit in the jaw. The most important player in Martz's offense is not the quarterback. It's the two offensive tackles."

• "Part of the problem in scouting is that too many scouts want to take credit for (securing talent). In coaching, you are given credit for (developing) a player. It can be a double-edged sword now. Eric ­Bieniemy is the only guy in Minnesota who can take credit for coaching Adrian ­Peterson, but he also is the guy responsible for not correcting (Peterson's) fumbling problems. In personnel, everyone wants credit for drafting Adrian Peterson. It can be a very selfish business that way. Scouts turn on each other too much and whine about coaches wanting power. Scouts do not help each other enough, whereas coaches look after each other much more."

• "It seems like we have more and more dots (to signify character and medical concerns) on our draft board every year. It's getting to the point nowadays where nearly everyone has some type of dot. Ninety percent of players who have strapped on shoulder pads have had some type of tear in their labrum. ... A big part of successful drafting is being able to trust your doctors. How many times have we seen guys knocked off boards turn out to be great players? (Chargers OLT) Marcus McNeill is the perfect example. He was off our board, but I'll tell you what — we'd like to have him now. Then you look at other teams, and their picks never stay healthy. At some point doctors need to be held accountable."

• "(Redskins CBs) Fred Smoot, ­DeAngelo Hall and Carlos Rogers were awful last year. Rogers is talented, but he plays when he wants to. The biggest adjustment the Redskins need to make is changing the whole attitude and mood and culture of the building. The whole staff is different, so they could do it."


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