Schwartz: Lions not out of Pacman hunt

Posted March 25, 2010 @ 2:45 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

Unemployed CB Pacman Jones recently worked out in New Orleans for a handful of teams, and the Lions remain one of the clubs interested in his services. Head coach Jim Schwartz confirmed that the team remains interested in potentially signing Jones for the 2010 season and is in the process of gathering information on him. Schwartz coached Jones for two seasons in Tennessee (and was one of the Titans coaches who favored drafting Jones over Antrel Rolle at the time) and said his familiarity with him will allow the team to get a better idea of how Jones might fit into the Lions' defense. From the tone of Schwartz's comments, though, it was clear the biggest mystery the Lions want to figure out is Jones' level of commitment. Ultimately, it will be the determining factor on whether the team signs Jones to a contract. "Not only did we send someone down there to work him out, but also someone to spend some time with him," Schwartz said. "...The workout won't be the final determination. The workout was just to see what kind of conditioning he was in, I would say, from a commitment standpoint."


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