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Insider: Ware belongs to exclusive club

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By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• "(Cowboys OLB) DeMarcus Ware has everything you want in a (rush) linebacker. If you watched all of his sacks, there are 7-8 different ways he could beat a guy. He can bend, counter, power and transition. There's a lot more to him than just one move. There are not many guys like him."

• "If you look at San Diego's last few drafts, it's almost like they were trying to prove everyone wrong, like Bobby Beath­ard was doing at the end of his career. I still don't understand the (OLB) Larry English pick. He can't power or bore into guys. Every sack of his looked the same in college. He would beat bad players up the field with quickness. It's the same in the pros — if he cannot win with his first few steps, he does not win. He cannot transition and counter. (CB) Antoine Cason — I don't know how he could be drafted in the first round. They benched him last year. But we will let it play out and give it three years."

• "I thought all four USC linebackers would be good pros. I would not have guessed that (Brian) Cushing would have been as good as he was this year. You could not say that on college film. To me, some of it is coaching. ... And you have to give that coordinator (Frank Bush) down there a lot of credit. Everywhere he has been, he has gotten his linebackers to produce at a high level."

• "Look at (Colts OLT) Charlie Johnson. The guy is not even 6-foot-4 and he has 32-inch arms. The Saints won a Super Bowl with (backup OLT) Jermon Bushrod on the left side. You can get away with an average athlete (starting at left tackle) when you have a great quarterback sitting behind him. Those quarterbacks get rid of the ball so fast. They make the line. It was the same with Mark Tauscher in Green Bay. He is a survivor, an average player who sat in front of a great quarterback. Now, it works the other way, too — if you don't have a great QB, you better have a damn good line."

• "(Bears offensive coordinator) Mike Martz did not have anyone (strong) underneath him on his staff in Detroit. Now he has someone as strong as him. (OL coach) Mike Tice is excellent. If anyone is going to correct the running game, it is him. ... Martz has been fired from the last three spots he has been and could not get a job in the league. He has been humbled. The Bears could be the beneficiaries."

• "A big problem a lot of teams have in the National Football League is they do not know how to handle success. It's not easy to manage the money — you have to lock up the right guys, realize which ones are expendable and keep improving the roster. Sometimes, you have to clear it all out to establish a new culture. That's what they did in New Orleans four years ago. That's what they are doing in Kansas City now."

• "Whoever scouts offensive linemen for the Panthers has done a really good job. They have one of the best offensive lines in football, and some of the young guys they are grooming can play. I don't know where they found Mackenzy Bernadeau, but the guy played well. He has a lot of upside. Geoff Schwartz needs to get stronger, but he did a solid job. If you have a good line, you have a chance."

• "The Rams are on the clock. I think they would love to trade down. With the money you have to pay those (top-10 picks), everyone wants out. The position that is most coveted every year is the quarterback. If you don't have one, you can't win in this league anymore. They get overdrafted every year. If there is going to be any movement at the top this year, it will be someone moving up to land one of the two quarterbacks (Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen)."


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