Tannenbaum: Sanchez will be ready before camp but not exactly sure when

Posted Feb. 26, 2010 @ 1:48 p.m.
Posted By Dan Parr

INDIANAPOLIS — Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum changed his tune, slightly, on QB Mark Sanchez's timetable to get back on the field after undergoing knee surgery Feb. 17 during his press conference at the Combine Friday.

Tannenbaum told reporters Sanchez would be ready "well" before training camp during a conversation at the Senior Bowl in late January. The general manager was less definitive about Sanchez's return date on Friday.

"We're not exactly sure when he'll be back on the field yet," Tannenbam said. "It'll be before training camp. If I say well before training camp, the trainers will get mad at me, so I can only say before training camp. I'd like to say well before training camp, but he'll be fine. The guy has really worked hard, but we just don't want to put a date on it. It's one of those injuries where everyone recovers at different rates."

Tannenbaum touched on a wide variety of topics and called this a "very important offseason" for WR Braylon Edwards, who Tannenbaum confirmed will be tendered as a restricted free agent before the March 4 deadline. Tannenbaum was adamant that Edwards needed to be heavily involved in offseason workouts and practices with the team, but Edwards didn't show interest in those activities during his time with the Browns. Plus, he won't be able to get on the practice field with Sanchez for some time as the young signalcaller goes through his rehab, which could play a role in his decision on participating in the offseason program.

"It's not the ideal situation, but with that said, there's still things Braylon can do to help himself be successful," Tannenbaum said. "Mark won't be at 100 percent from Day One when we start in a couple of weeks here, but there are still things Braylon can do to help himself."

The Jets are expected to tender Edwards at the highest level, which means a team would have to give up first- and third-round picks to sign him away.

"It's a really important offseason for (Edwards) to be with us all the time," Tannenbaum said. "I really believe the guys we have in the building give him the ability to be a much better player long term by being in our program every day."


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