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Eagles know value of quarterbacks

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By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• "Everyone wanted to criticize the Eagles for drafting Kevin Kolb. And they caught some heat for signing Michael Vick, but the hardest thing to find in this league is (consistent) quarterback play. When you see value at that position — in the draft, free agency, on the street, you name it — you have to at least consider it, even if you have one already. Jon Gruden, Andy Reid, Mike Holmgren — those guys all worked under Ron Wolf in Green Bay. They understand the importance of the position. Why do you think Gruden collected quarterbacks in Tampa Bay? I'm telling you, you can never have enough of them. ... If there was one guy the Eagles could afford to deal, it's Vick. But what's the rush trading him now? They have time."

• "Adding Charlie Weis is a big win for the Chiefs. They are certainly better as a (coaching) staff — no doubt about it. Denver has a new (defensive) coordinator who has never done it before. I don't know what they were thinking. They could take a step backward. San Diego will be the same. They are tough. But bringing Weis and (Romeo) Crennel into the fold makes the Chiefs a lot better. I would rather have two great coordinators than a great head coach. Give (GM) Scott Pioli credit."

• "Owners have delusions of grandeur when they hire a new GM or head coach. A lot of times, you're hired to clean up the mess and you're dealing with a lot of dead money (on the books). Look at what Atlanta had to deal with because of Michael Vick. They were still carrying $7-plus million last year even though he had not played in how many years? ... Buffalo made a lot of bad moves in free agency. Look at what they paid to (Derrick) Dockery and Langston Walker. It's going to take some patience to clean up. It's not going to be an instant fix."

• "When JaMarcus Russell was coming out of college, a couple things were very clear — one, if he had three coordinators in five years, he was not going to have any chance. What he needs is stability in the coaching staff and someone who will coach him really hard — someone who will not let him get away with his God-given ability. I don't know what they were thinking bringing in (Paul Hackett) last year. A lot of smart quarterbacks have a (difficult) time with (his terminology). It was a bad fit. (New offensive coordinator) Hue Jackson is a better fit. He played the position. He has experience bringing young quarterbacks along. He worked with Carson Palmer; he worked with Joe Flacco. He has something to him. If he cannot get through to (Russell), I don't know who can. But you're still looking at three coordinators in four years — it's going to take time."

• "(Ravens MLB) Ray Lewis has been a great player, but the Ravens have got to start thinking about his replacement. You cannot replace guys like him — you just move on."

• "Look at what Rex Ryan was able to do with the Jets with very much the same roster and a rookie quarterback. When we played them the year before, (Brett) Favre was not Favre. His arm was dead. And the defense was slow. A year later, they are a game away from the Super Bowl with basically the same talent."

• "The Bears could have named the water boy defensive coordinator. It didn't matter. They said (Lovie) Smith was relinquishing the job, but he's still going to be heavily involved. The defense is not changing, and the Bears are going to have the same problems. The great irony is — for as much as everyone blamed Ron Turner and the quarterback last year, the biggest problem was on defense."

• "The Ravens paid (CB Domonique) ­Foxworth a mint (last year), and he is nothing more than a backup. He did not stop anything all year. He is just good enough not to get there. They need corners and receivers badly."


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