Top 10 Super Bowl goats (player)

Posted Feb. 01, 2010 @ 10:51 a.m.
Posted By Bob McGinn

1. Eugene Robinson, FS, Falcons, XXXIII: Arrested for soliciting a prostitute not far from the team hotel on the Saturday night before the game.

2. Barret Robbins, C, Raiders, XXXVII: Went on a weekend bender in Tijuana and wasn't allowed to play after he got back.

3. Stanley Wilson, RB, Bengals, XXIII: News of his cocaine binge was delivered to players at the Saturday night meeting.

4. Scott Norwood, K. Bills, XXV: All things considered, he had about a 50-50 shot from 47 yards to win the game. He missed wide right by about 4 feet.

5. Jackie Smith, TE, Cowboys, XIII: Smith's drop of a 3-yard pass in the end zone didn't lose it for the Cowboys, but it surely didn't help.

6. Asante Samuel, CB, Patriots, XLII: Nobody would have ever heard of David Tyree if the sure-handed Samuel had held on to Eli Manning's wayward sideline pass earlier that drive.

7. Cliff Harris, FS, Cowboys, X: By taunting Pittsburgh kicker Roy Gerela after a missed field goal, Harris incited the Steelers to beat the Cowboys.

8. Earl Morrall, QB, Colts, III: Everyone could see Jimmy Orr wide open on the fateful flea-flicker play — everyone except Morrall, who threw elsewhere and was picked off.

9. Thomas Henderson, LB, Cowboys, XIII: A flag already had been thrown, but Henderson felt compelled to rough Terry Bradshaw and taunt Franco Harris, who turned his rage into a touchdown on the next play.

10. Thurman Thomas, RB, Bills, XXVI: According to Marv Levy, Thomas put down his helmet next to others during the National Anthem. When a defensive player walked off with Thomas' helmet, he missed the first two plays of the game.

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