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Insider: Revis' rookie deal is paying off

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By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• "Everyone was criticizing the Jets for signing Darrelle Revis to the (rookie) contract they did — but you have to give (GM) Mike Tannenbaum credit now. That's a great deal for the club. They have him for three more years at $6 million a year. If you know what type of player you are getting — and I don't know if they knew he would be this good this early — you want a six-year deal. Six-year deals are club-friendly. ... Revis is one of the best defensive players in football. He's like Champ Bailey used to be. He can match up with anyone and take away half of the field."

• "You never watch a Ravens game and do not know Ray Lewis is on the field. He has that type of presence about him. You never watched Mike Singletary back in the day where you did not know he was on the field. Great middle linebackers have that presence. Patrick Willis is better physically than maybe any linebacker ever to play the game, but there are still certain games where he does not show up competitively like those other guys do week in and week out. Reggie White is a Hall of Famer for a reason. It was a lot more than just physical ability. He brought so much more to the field."

• "If you look at the way a lot of coordinators are being treated now — guys like (Vikings defensive coordinator) Leslie Frazier and (Cardinals assistant head coach/offensive line) Russ Grimm, there's no reason for them to jump at head-coaching jobs. These guys are getting paid like head coaches and are comfortable doing what they are doing. They can be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity. Life as a coordinator is not bad. More and more of these guys are making head-coaching money."

• "The talent level at the East-West Shrine Game was extremely average. I would guess only 25 percent of the players there were really draftable. The talent level is really down."

• "Brett Favre is amazing. He is really fun to watch. Did you see him pumping his fist, running downfield, high-fiving his guys and jumping around against the Cowboys? He has showed he still has it. The guy has a bionic arm. He looks like he has another 10 years left in him."

• "The Tampa-2 has fallen out of favor around the league. It's too easy to pick apart. Good quarterbacks know where the soft spots are and can dink-and-dunk it to death."

• "Reggie Bush proved in a big-time game that he has special skills. The punt return (against Arizona) was well blocked, but that first TD run he made — that lateral cut and burst, that was Barry Sanders-like. He ran physical and was putting his pads down and fighting for yards. That is what he is capable of — that is the back that I graded at USC. I knew he would never be a 25-carry, between-the-tackles back, but he has 'special' skills."

• "The one thing Seattle needs more than anything is an evaluator (in the GM role). They don't need a corporate head. Pete (Carroll) is going to do all that. They need a guy who can cut through all the b.s. on players and construct a (draft) board. That will be the most important job (GM John) Schneider has. They have a long way to go. I would love to play against Matt ­Hasselbeck every week. His body is falling apart. He does not have the arm he used to have. They need to address that (QB) position one way or another."

• "(Jets OLB) Vernon Gholston had slow eyes in college. It took him too long to see it. That is one trait that scares the hell out of me at any position. If you have instincts, you have a chance."


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