Hutchinson thinks Vikings can keep on running

Posted Jan. 21, 2010 @ 4:10 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

The Vikings were a running team before QB Brett Favre arrived, and a great one at that. And though his passing success, in theory, should have bolstered the run game, the opposite has happened. The big plays haven't been there for RB Adrian Peterson lately, but Vikings OLG Steve Hutchinson said he still thinks the team can have success on the ground. "If you compare our running game to what we did the last couple of years, it isn't as glorious, statistics-wise, as it has been," Hutchinson said. "But we are throwing the ball for 300 yards a game, or whatever. There are only so many yards you can get on the field. … But that being said, when we do run the ball, we need to make sure we are maximizing the effect that we can have. You don't want any lost yards on plays, (and) you want to try to average at least four yards a carry. I think we can run the ball better, but sometimes (it) is a getting-in-the-groove type of thing."


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