Brackett a keeper for Colts — at right price

Posted Jan. 14, 2010 @ 2:33 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

Unlike the vast majority of Colts free agents, starting MLB Gary Brackett will be unrestricted should he choose to survey the landscape in search of greener pastures. Word is the team would love to keep Brackett around, all things being equal, and that the feeling is mutual, except that Brackett "wants to be paid," in the words of one team insider. "He thinks he deserves more money, although he wouldn't say how much," the insider said of Brackett, who has done a great job directing traffic in the Colts' "D" this season, finishing second on the team with 115 tackles. "The Colts have never overpaid for linebackers, and if they had a potential replacement waiting in the wings, they might consider letting him go. But they really don't." Said Colts team president Bill Polian when asked by PFW about any plans to re-sign Brackett: "We always prioritize the people we need to deal with, and he clearly is one of them. We'll get after it (with him) once the season ends."


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