Redskins hire Haslett to coordinate defense

Posted Jan. 13, 2010 @ 12:11 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

In less than a week, Mike Shanahan has his two most important assistant coaches in place.

The Redskins agreed to a deal with former Rams and Saints head coach Jim Haslett to be the team's defensive coordinator, according to various reports.

Although the Redskins have yet to name any other assistants, they have both coordinators in place now with Kyle Shanahan, Mike's son, set to run the offense.

Haslett earned a reputation as a creative defensive coach as an assistant with the Steelers in the late 1990s and later with the Saints. He spent this season as the head coach of the Florida franchise in the UFL, reaching the title game in the league's inaugural season.

Although Haslett primarily has used 4-3 defenses in his past few NFL jobs, he has 3-4 experience from his Pittsburgh days and could mix in some of those alignments. Shanahan is said to be interested in running some 3-4, although it's not clear if the Redskins' personnel would fit that scheme.

Haslett replaces Greg Blache as coordinator. Some Redskins were critical of Blache this season, most notably DT Albert Haynesworth, who said Blache wasn't aggressive enough and didn't use his personnel properly. Haslett has a reputation for being an aggressive play-caller.